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FABA Code of Ethics






The Florida Antiquarian Booksellers Association was formed to bring together persons involved in the selling of rare and out-of-print books, manuscripts, letters, prints, documents, and other written and printed materials. As such, we are proud to be a part of a time-honored tradition whereby booksellers, private collectors and institutional libraries promote the preservation and protection of important literary and historical works which are our common heritage. The mutual trust ordinarily found between antiquarian booksellers and their customers is an honorable tradition we seek to extend through our adoption of this Code of Ethics which sets forth standards and guidelines for members in transactions with both customers and one another. Its intent is to advance the highest ethical considerations in our profession, to promote mutual trust amongst members, and to increase public confidence in our trade.



1. Membership in the Florida Antiquarian Booksellers Association should signify commitment to high ethical standards and honest business practices. Each member accepts this premise and these guidelines.

2. Members will not misrepresent value in buying or selling. We recognize that there is a wide variance for pricing in the antiquarian book trade, and no absolute criteria for pricing exist. However, members will endeavor to follow generally accepted standards and practices when appraising and pricing their own merchandise, or when they are providing similar services to others.

3. Members will provide prospective customers with all information known to them about any flaws or defects in material offered for sale.

4. Members will allow for a return of items purchased from them, with a full refund or exchange, if the customer discovers flaws or defects which were not previously noticed – if such return is made in a timely manner, and insofar as the seller is persuaded that such defects were present at the time of sale and were not occasioned after the purchase.

5. Members will make no alterations to material they offer for sale where such would tend to deceive customers as to the edition, state, or basic condition of such material. This does not preclude skillful cleaning or repair.

6. Members will not knowingly purchase material from others which they have reason to believe was stolen or may rightfully belong to another. Should such be offered, the bookseller will notify other members who may be similarly solicited. With sufficient cause, appropriate authorities should be notified.

7. If it is determined later that something acquired in good faith was wrongfully obtained or stolen by the party providing it, other members in the area should be advised to beware of the material offered by that person. Also, every effort should be made to see that such material is restored to its rightful owner.

8. Members will maintain a standard of excellence and honesty in their advertising and promotional claims which is consonant with their offerings, and which does not disparage their fellow members.

9. While recognizing they are competitors in the marketplace, members regard their professional and fraternal association as a bond of trust and mutual support, and will readily refer customers to one another as the situation warrants. Members will make available to customers the annual Directory of the Association.

10. These guidelines can and shall be used as a yardstick in consideration of applications for membership in the Association.

11. Members of the Florida Antiquarian Booksellers Association pledge themselves to do all that is necessary to maintain the good reputation generally enjoyed by antiquarian booksellers throughout the country.

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