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Three Decades of Service

FABA has been serving bibliophiles and book dealers for more than three decades. When the organization was formed, fewer than two dozen book dealers joined. Today FABA is more than 60 members strong and is represented in every part of the state. From the very beginning, FABA was the presenting sponsor of the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair. The FABA Museum highlights some of the milestones in the rare book industry in Florida. Please visit us.

High Standards of Excellence

The Florida Antiquarian Booksellers Association is dedicated to enhancing the business of buying and selling rare and unusual books, vintage photographs, antique maps and ephemera by promoting high standards of excellence in the industry.

All members agree to abide by the FABA’s Code of Ethics, which sets forth the principles by which members will conduct business with customers and with one another. Our intent is to advance the highest ethical considerations in our profession, to promote mutual trust among members and to increase public confidence in our trade.

We encourage patrons to follow the link above to read the document and become familiar with its tenants. Members of the Florida Antiquarian Booksellers Association pledge to do whatever is necessary to maintain the good reputation generally enjoyed by antiquarian booksellers throughout the country.

Want to Sell Your Books?

If you have questions about books or want to sell your books, please contact FABA members located near you. Our member directory is here. To obtain a paid appraisal, search our member directory for "appraisals" to see which member may assist you.

FABA is a membership organization and does not purchase books or provide evaluations.

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