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Meet Our New Member

Susan Mick


Susan Mick,

Tippecanoe Antiques Trader

Tallahassee, Florida

How did you come into this fine profession?


The handwriting was on the wall for me from a really young age…. I learned to read at four and was pretty sure that was the best thing in life.  (I was right, by the way!)  Mysteries and early children’s literature were my first choices, and still intrigue me, in different ways…Researching a book is the very best mystery I can think of and as a retired middle school teacher, I was totally excited when authors finally began to finally write literature for the inbetweeners (who found children’s books babyish and adult books hard and dull.)


Do you have any areas that you personally collect?


I grew up with antiquing and around antique lovers, so became a collector of old, unusual items and folk art; oh, and books, of course!  I remember an elderly bookshop fellow in Michigan who took the time and trouble to show me how to identify early paper, parchment, and vellum.  Wow!  Finding and collecting authentically old papers and books became a lifelong avocation (or is that obsession?), and finally a retirement business.


Who is your favorite literary person?  And Why?


One of my favorite literary persons is Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. To uproot from New York and settle down in rural central Florida takes an especially strong person, and that she was!  I’ve read all she wrote and love her style & empathy with characters.  Then, reading her Letters was an added insight to who she really was…


If you could have a meal with any author [living or dead] who would that be?   Why?


Who would I like to sit down to lunch with?  Eleanor Roosevelt, absolutely!  What a person!  What a contributor to the betterment of our lives! What an example for girls!


How would you wish FABA to be a help to you and your business?

How do you see yourself being a help to other FABA members.


Giving back and giving to FABA is important to helping us stay viable, as a group and as individuals.  That means being able to feel comfortable to call or email someone and ask for help, or sharing information, or simply their opinions related to book matters.  (My favorite example was when working antiques show with Mike Slicker… We were neighbors, and when the show was slow, I’d buy him a slice of homemade cake, (bribery!) and stand around and talk (ok, ask a zillion questions) to pass the time. Thanks, Mike!)


If you have an open-shop is there any special events coming up?


Tallahassee doesn’t have much going on in the book world, except for two really good Used Book Shops.  But, we’re  getting ready to shake that up a bit. 


Tallahassee will be celebrating our bicentennial in 2024, and we’re generating interest & excitement! The Historical Society is sponsoring five different events throughout the year and I’m chairing the first one:  An Antiquarian Book Fair. 


Many of you heard me sharing about it all through the St. Pete show.  We’re scheduled for Feb. 23-24-25 (falls just prior to the next Florida St Pete show).  We welcome all book dealers, especially Florida ones!  If you’d like info, email me at


Eventually, we’ll have a special website for all the events…but not by me…Tech is NOT my strong suit.


Our theme is “Immerse Yourself in History”.  We’re adding collector’s tables, postcard dealers, and Elder Storytellers.

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